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Spend valuable time wiring bonsai - not untangling a birds nest

March 05, 2019

An extremely effective and common method to improve the quality of a bonsai is to shape and position the trunk and branches after applying wire. Commonly Aluminium wire is used in a variety of sizes ranging from 1mm to 3.5mm in 0.5mm increments. To a lesser extent wire diameters of 6mm and larger diameters are used on more mature and large size bonsai material.

Copper wire is also common and due to its higher tensile and yield stress, smaller diameters will provide equivalent strength to a larger aluminium wire.

The disadvantages of copper wire are its lack of availability in many regions, it has a higher cost and more importantly it work hardens much quicker than aluminium and therefore the bonsai artist must be more proficient as there is little chance to partially unwind and try again.

Irrespective of their composition, the problem with all wire rolls is their tendency to tangle firstly within their own roll and secondly with other rolls. This tangle is reminiscent of a birds nest and is aptly named.

Untangling a bird nest can be extremely frustrating and a waste of valuable time. Time that you could be spending to improve your bonsai by wiring and shaping it.

In some situations the birds nest can be so severe that in frustration the bonsai artist will cut away the tangle so that they can get on with wiring. This is a very expensive solution and one to be avoided at all costs.

Bonsai Wire Caddy  is an ideal way to store and dispense aluminium wire so it is readily accessible and makes wire selection easy to identify so you can spend your valuable time wiring and improving your bonsai.


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