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MixRite 2.5 Automatic Fertilizer Pump

February 26, 2018

The MixRite 2.5 automatic fertilizer unit is an ideal automatic fertilizer pump system for the majority of domestic garden, orchid lover, bonsai artist and small nursery requirements.

MixRite 2.5 automatic fertilizer pumps obtain energy to pump fertilizer from the mainstream water flow. Apart from being an energy saving feature, it significantly simplifies installation and operation.

A broad range of fertilisers and seaweed extracts can be used with MixRite units.

To set the fertilizer rate:

  1. Note the fertilizer concentration as either a ratio or percentage of fertilizer to water. (Refer to article discussing "Units of fertilizer concentration").
  2. Remove the locking mechanism from the lower pump spindle (see diagram below).
  3. Rotate spindle to the desired fertilizer setting
  4. Replace the locking mechanism.

Place the MixRite suction hose into the fertilizer, turn on the water flow and you are ready to start fertilizing.

Fertigate’s range of MixRite automatic fertilizer units incorporate an “On / Off” switch which enables you to turn the MixRite unit on or off.

In the “On” position, the MixRite unit will pump fertilizer at the predetermined rate when water is flowing. Conversely in the “Off” position, the pump mechanism will not operate and water will flow freely through the MixRite unit without adding fertilizer.

Another primary feature of the MixRite unit is that the unit automatically adjusts the volume of fertilizer pumped in direct proportion to the volume of water flowing through the unit.

The MixRite 2.5 automatic fertilizer is extremely versatile in accommodating a broad range of fertilizer concentrations and main line water flow rates. These features and many others ensure you will enjoy and appreciate using your MixRite 2.5 automatic fertilizer unit as much as we do.

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