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About Us

We are a family business focused on making it easy for you to regularly fertilize your plants, garden, trees and lawn.

In creating our range of fertigate units we drew on our love of residential landscape, vegetable gardens, passion for bonsai, orchids and flowers.

We previously encountered a problem most gardeners experience, we did not fertilize our plants on a regular basis. Whilst it is easy to use slow release fertilizers, we prefer liquid fertilizers due to their predictability and results. However, the problem with liquid fertilizing is that it requires effort and can be difficult to perform on a regular basis. 

By "difficult" we mean fertilizing our vegetable garden, bonsai and garden involved filling 15 to 20 watering cans (each 10 Litres / 2.5US gallons) with fertilizer and water. Apart from being time consuming and messy, it was not enjoyable and was a “chore”.

Despite best intentions to manually fertilize regularly, we repeatedly failed. It was just too difficult, often easy to overlook, or simply put fertilizing off for "another" day. It is this "difficulty" which led to the creation of our range of fertigate units.

Now fertilizing is effortless, easy and performed on a regular basis.

We are proud of our fertigate units and confident you will find it easy to regularly and reliably fertilize.  

More so, we hope your plants and trees benefit as much as ours have.

Please drop us a line and let us know.