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ferti solo

  • ferti solo automatic fertilizing units make it faster and easier to apply liquid fertilizer or seaweed fertilizer to your plants, trees, garden or lawn in a controlled manner, automatically changing the fertilizer dose to suit fluctuations in water flow.
  • There is no messy fertilizer mixing or lifting heavy watering cans.
  • Your ferti solo is supplied assembled and ready to use.
  • No "special fertilizers" are involved, simply use your preferred liquid fertilizer or seaweed fertilizer.
  • ferti solo units are designed with the residential gardener in mind, specifically those wishing to either hand water or use a medium sized drip irrigation system operating at a pressure below 180 kPa.
  • We are proud of our ferti solo units and confident you will find it easy to regularly, reliably, and quickly fertilize your plants.
  • Nominate either Metric or Imperial label when ordering
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • ferti solo units, are electric powered automatic fertilizing units.

    Supplied assembled, all you need do is:

    1. Secure the unit to the wall;
    2. Connect the flow mixing/sensing module to your tap;
    3. Connect the supplied 12VDC transformer to your electricity supply....

    ....and you are ready to fertilize.


    To ensure you select the correct unit, we encourage you to read our:

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